Our goals are to produce friendly, loving, healthy parrots with champion packed pedigrees and to prepare them to be a treasured addition to your home. We seek to make a great pairings between our parrots and wonderful new forever homes and so reserve the right to choose the right homes for our beloved African Grey.

Our parrots come with limited registrations, pedigrees and Vet Health Certifications. Also, they are up to date on age appropriate shots and worming, and they are given lots and lots of loving socialization.

Living here in our home with our parrots are introduced to family living and daily human contact with adults and children. Our parrots make an easy transition into your home because they have been a part of our home and taught to trust and love people from the time they are born into my hands until we place them into your hands and care.

Contact us for pedigrees and more pictures. African Grey Parrots have captured our hearts and we hope they will bring you great joy and blessings too. They are a wonderful family pet with love enough for all. As always, we reserve the right to choose the homes for our parrots and the right to refuse any sale we deem not in the best interest of our parrots.